The First Annual Hunger Games

Saturday Afternoon (June 13th)

(Light Contact Boffer LARP)

We know what happened at the 74th and the 75th Hunger Games in Panem, but what we don’t know is what happened at the very first?

Based in the universe of  Suzanne Collin’s Hunger Games, players will take on the roles of the Tributes in the Hunger Games, as well as supporters from the Districts and personalities from the Capitol. The organizer intends play to start in advance of SLARPCon itself, with opportunities to establish characters and some of the background of the Reaping and training through coordinated online play getting players up to speed on the background of events, starting with youtube videos of the Dark Days of the Rebellion, then to the Treaty of Treason, and finally to the Reaping and the Host introducing the games.

Contact: Shani Russell ( – Note that Shani will be incommunicado until the end of April

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