Casual Sunday

June 14th

Sunday is scheduled for smaller LARPs, experimental games, and demos. If you’ve got an event you’d like to put in as part of casual Sunday let us know, although you can also just show up to try and get some players together at the time. If you’re all done with LARPing for the weekend, you can also relax with some board games or tabletop games and chat about the events of the weekend!

Our feature event on Sunday is going to be a demonstration from the folks at Amtgard:

Amtgard Demo – Sunday Afternoon (June 14th)

(Full contact, Combat LARP)

Amtgard is a full contact combat game that allows players to take the part of a melee fighter, ranged archer or powerful magic user. we use foam padded weapons and arrows to re create fantasy medieval combat.

(Up to 12 Players at a time)

Contact: Bud Race (

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