SLARPCon 2015 Event Schedule!

The Space Bar – Friday Night (June 12th)

(Salon-style Casual Sci Fi LARP)

In a distant corner or the galaxy, spacefarers of all stripes meet up for some R&R. Weapons are checked at the door, but grudges are kept. What happens when the most notorious captains in the cosmos share a drink?

Contact: Kyle Yaworski (

The First Annual Hunger Games – Saturday Afternoon (June 13th)

(Light Contact Boffer LARP)

We know what happened at the 74th and the 75th Hunger Games in Panem, but what we don’t know is what happened at the very first?

Based in the universe of  Suzanne Collin’s Hunger Games, players will take on the roles of the Tributes in the Hunger Games, as well as supporters from the Districts and personalities from the Capitol. The organizer intends play to start in advance of SLARPCon itself, with opportunities to establish characters and some of the background of the Reaping and training through coordinated online play getting players up to speed on the background of events, starting with youtube videos of the Dark Days of the Rebellion, then to the Treaty of Treason, and finally to the Reaping and the Host introducing the games.

Contact: Shani Russell ( – Note that Shani will be incommunicado until early May

Magna Carta – Saturday Night (June 13th)

(Political Intrigue LARP)

The year is 1215. England is in a state of turmoil. King John has been losing his grip on his subjects and has had to resort to extreme measures to maintain control over his barons and people. The noble houses scramble for influence, while mercenaries and clergy carefully consider which side to join. The stakes are high, the rewards are great, and the punishment for failure is dire. Will this evening end in a curtailing of Royal power through the signing of Magna Carta or will John manage to keep his vassals in check and preserve the Divine Right of Kings ?

This players will take the roles of nobles, clergy and mercenaries. John’s power is being challenged in a big way and everyone must choose a side to support. The loyalists and rebels must find ways to convince the undecided nobles and warriors to join their respective sides by using money, favorable marriage proposals, land grants, threats, political favors and even murder. The rebels must attempt to get as many noble signatures on the Magna Carta document as possible. At the end of the night, each side submits the influence that they were able to amass in the form of castles, troops and money, as well as the number of signatures. This determines whether John maintains control of his country, loses rights by being forced to sign the charter, or alternatively, whether diplomacy fails altogether and armed conflict breaks out instead.

Contact: Phil & Ricki Siemans (

Casual Sunday (June 14th)

Sunday is scheduled for smaller LARPs, experimental games, and demos. If you’ve got an event you’d like to put in as part of casual Sunday let us know, although you can also just show up to try and get some players together at the time. If you’re all done with LARPing for the weekend, you can also relax with some board games or tabletop games and chat about the events of the weekend!

Our feature event on Sunday is going to be a demonstration from the folks at Amtgard:

Amtgard Demo – Sunday Afternoon (June 14th)

(Full contact, Combat LARP)

Amtgard is a full contact combat game that allows players to take the part of a melee fighter, ranged archer or powerful magic user. we use foam padded weapons and arrows to re create fantasy medieval combat.

(Up to 12 Players at a time)

Contact: Bud Race (

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